Re: [OE-core] Let me tell you how I really feel. Zero filter. If you need meta-python2, you need to become a maintainer. Immediately. Period.

Martin Jansa

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 11:37 PM Martin Jansa via <> wrote:
There were only a few changes needed between dunfell and gatesgarth to keep it building and I feel guilty for sending half of them - and pinging you on FB :).

I don't have interest in python2, but it's still used by quite a few components included in other layers are care about (e.g. qtwebengine in meta-qt5, chromium in meta-browser - is still quite far from finished) and at LGE we maintain meta-ros which contains support for ROS 1 Melodic which is usually used with python2 and support ends May 2023 (together with Ubuntu Bionic it's usually used with: - just today I've separated meta-ros-python2 layer with python2 recipes which disappeared from oe-core in warrior and were never re-introduced in meta-python2 (like nose and numpy).

If you're looking for someone just keeping it buildable, then you can sign me up. If it gets more annoying to maintain in future we can also split it for pythonnative.bbclass and python recipe itself - to keep just the bare minimum of recipes which are actively being used without all the other junk.



can I get the write access to meta-python2 as mentioned above?

I have 2 fixes to make it parse able with latest oe-core:

to fix issues discussed in:


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