Re: Including binary application as part of the image output

chuck kamas

OK,  Making some progress. I added a package_tar to my conf file and now I get a nice little tar file with my app and its helpers in it! I might also play with the do_deploy command and see if I can just copy it over too.

Thanks all!


On 1/27/21 1:48 PM, chuck kamas via wrote:

Thanks Khem and Chuck!

Yes, the application is built in its own bitbake recipe. I do see that there are rpm files built for the application, and that may be a way to upgrade the application in the future... but for right now I would like the application just copied into one the deploy directory unmodified. I am beginning to think that there is no easy way to do this.


Your company's application should be built within its _own_ bitbake recipe and then pulled into your image with an RDEPENDS entry in your image build recipe.

If you do it that way, you can find the packaged version of your application in the tmp/deploy directory automatically.


On 1/27/21 11:16 AM, Khem Raj wrote:
On Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 10:32 AM chuck kamas via <>
Hi all,

As part of our image we build our company's application. This
application becomes part of the image and is executed when the image boots.

My question is how to have the binary image also be available along with
the image's wic file? Is there a line I can add to a recipe to have it
copy that image file to the tmp/deploy directory or other appropriate
directory so that it is available?
you can perhaps make a recipe that packages your binary and then add
also look into binconfig.bbclass

if you need more post processing, then perhaps look at using




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