any interest in an official "meta-rubygems" layer?

Robert P. J. Day

since it appears that i will be diving head-first into messing with
ruby in some current YP builds, is there any interest in creating a
meta-rubygems layer to start collecting recipes based on what konrad
weihmann has done in his meta-sca layer here?

i've been swapping emails with konrad over the last few days and,
first, it seems clear that it's not appropriate to start dumping
general ruby recipes into meta-sca as that layer is clearly defined as
being for "static code analysis and security hardening", so a new,
more general layer is obviously more appropriate.

also, konrad focuses on using his own "rubygems.bbclass" class file:

to define recipes that pull from exclusively, and he
agrees that it would keep things simpler to stick with that model;
hence, the proposal of the layer name "meta-rubygems" and not just

konrad already offered to do the maintenance of such a new layer, as
long as there is standard infrastructure support for testing, that
sort of thing. and i'm sure that would make his meta-sca layer simpler
as all the more generic rubygems-based recipes could be moved into the
meta-rubygems layer, leaving his meta-sca layer to focus exclusively
on the code analysis and security recipes, however he wants to do

thoughts? it seems that a new layer could be populated almost
instantly with a large chunk of meta-sca, and we could take it from


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