Re: insmod - huawei E3372h kernel module

Zoltan Kerenyi Nagy

I don have a recipie for /etc/modules

To my understanding this order will cause the load:
KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD += "ncm_driver"KERNEL_MODULE_PROBECONF += "ncm_driver"cdc_ncm = "options ncm_driver iProduct=USB_Host_Driver_for_Network_Control_Model iManufacturer=NCM"
KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD += "wmc_device_managment"KERNEL_MODULE_PROBECONF += "wmc_device"cdc_wdm = "options wmc_device iProduct=USB_CDC_WCM_Device_Management iManufacturer=WMC"
KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD += "lte"KERNEL_MODULE_PROBECONF += "lte"huawei_cdc_ncm = "options lte iProduct=E3372h iManufacturer=Huawei"

As far as I understand the KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD directive will populate the /etc/modules file, however, after bitbaking, on the device there is no /etc/modules file or folder but another folder:

root@barix-ipam400:~# ls /lib/modules/4.10.0/extra/
cdc-ncm.ko         cdc-wdm.ko         hello.ko           huawei_cdc_ncm.ko

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