[meta-browser] Chromium build Dependency to native libatomic

Yi Fan Yu


Is there a fix/patch to chromium-x11 (meta-browser) failing to build `yocto_native/brotli`.

This happens on Centos 8 where libatomic is not necessarily present on the host.

as far as i know, libatomic is not listed as a host prereq for building chromium or any yocto builds.

Issue is described more in details in



Specifically to khem:

There was a discussion thread on yocto's IRC, was there a resolution other than a manual installation of the library on the system host?



khem    kernelsandals: yeah i see, so its using clang-native with lld, so one option would be to try add -fuse-ld=gold to HOST_LDFLAGS    19:51
khem    another option might be to add -L/usr/lib    19:51
khem    but clang++ should have been able to find it if its installed in /usr/lib    19:52
khem    can you try a simple testcase with clang++ from recipe-sysroot-native with latomic something like clang++ hello.cpp -latomic    19:54
khem    and see if that works


Yi Fan

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