Devtool eSDK remove package #devtool

Gustavo Plaza

I have generated and installed eSDK for Yocto sumo correctly.
I have two packages that provide the same headers, one of them is installed by default in the eSDK and I would like to install the other one and remove the previous from the eSDK.
If I install the second package using the command "devtool sdk-install my-package2" I would like the first package to be removed from the sdk. Can I add any variable (similar to RREPLACES or RCONFLICTS ) to the "my-package1" and "my-package2" recipes in order to remove one package when the other one is installed?
I think devtool doesn't provide the opposite functionality to sdk-install, isn't it? I think I could implement the funtionallity "sdk-remove" in the file so that it would be possible to execute the task "do_cleanall" of any recipe. Is this ok ? Is there any reason behind the non-existence of the functionality "sdk-remove" ? 
Best regards.

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