Re: Call for help for demo UPNP media renderer

Xu, Dongxiao <dongxiao.xu@...>

Joshua Lock wrote:
On Wed, 2010-10-20 at 14:07 +0800, Xu, Dongxiao wrote:
Hi Josh,

Today I took a glance at the rygel crash issue in poky. Though I
didn't get the root cause, I found when configure Tracker plugin into
rygel, the segmentation fault will happen. Since we have already
configured the media-export plugin, and tracker plugin plays the same
role, I think we can simply disable tracker plugin (by configure time
or change by rygel-preferences) for demo usage.
Yes, I thought I mentioned disabling the tracker plugin in an earlier
mail? I'll prepare a patch to the recipe to disable that so we don't
have to remember to do that by hand.
Ah, oops. I didn't read your previous mail carefully...
But luckily it didn't cost too much time. :-)




Xu, Dongxiao wrote:
I just built out the poky-image-rygel image with your meta-demo
layer, and run

rygel --gst-debug-level=5

I still saw it "segmentation fault" in the last...

I am looking into it.


Xu, Dongxiao wrote:
Zanussi, Tom wrote:
On Tue, 2010-10-19 at 17:40 -0700, Xu, Dongxiao wrote:
Joshua Lock wrote:
On Wed, 2010-10-20 at 01:04 +0100, Joshua Lock wrote:
On Tue, 2010-10-19 at 14:31 -0700, Saul Wold wrote:


Can you take a look at this since you have worked with the
I did a sloppy job pushing my changes when leaving the office
but think I have replicated most/all of the in the josh/demo

I also took a look through the rygel code to see what gstreamer
elements are explicitly being used, I've created a list and
tried to ensure as many as possible of them are in the
IMAGE_INSTALL list for poky-image-rygel, adding them to the
RDEPENDS for rygel doesn't appear to have included them in the
image I just created...

Full list of names of pipeline elements I found in the rygel
code follows:

decodebin2, videorate, videoscale, ffmpegcolorspace,
ffenc_wmv1, twolame, lame, mp3parse, ffenc_wmav2,
convert-sink-pad, ffenc_mpeg2video, audio-src-pad,
audio-sink-pad, audio-enc-sink-pad, sink, mpegtsmux,
audioconvert, audioresample, audiorate, capsfilter,
audiotestsrc, videotestsrc, ffmux_asf
The image I just built with my latest changes in josh/demo
worked!?! Rygel did not segfault :-)

If you have time Dongxiao (or anyone else) I'd appreciate if you
could double-check my changes (my install_append in rygel to
create a .config isn't working, so you'll need to do that
manually and run rygel-preferences to disable the tracker
plugin). If you could test using Rygel as a renderer for some
content served by the mediatomb image, that would be much
appreciated. You'll want gupnp-av-cp as provided by gupnp-tools
to control the renderer and content server.

I will try your branch, however I didn't find josh/demo in
poky-contrib. Is it reside in other place?
It should be here:


Got it, thanks!

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