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Hello guys,

            I have done with installing the qtwebengine.But iam having some trouble in how to configure the qtbrowser from the qtwebengine.I am using a GUI based core-image-sato image. So please guide me on how to configure the browser in this particular image.

ravi uppada.

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Hello Davis,

              I will try using 16 GB ram. Thank you very much for your response.
ravi uppada.

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QTWebengine needs a considerable amount of RAM to compile and link relative to the rest of Yocto.

Normally around 12-16GB.  Less than that and the system tends to hang.




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hi guys,


 I have encountered with a problem.I have built a custom linux for raspberrypi and included meta-openembedded,meta-raspberrypi,meta-qt5,meta-python2 layers and compiled on the bitbake. it is working fine.

I have added recipe "qtwebengine" , here i have encountered an issue i.e the system hangs. only while compiling qtwebengine system hangs.Can anyone suggest me the solution.So that i canovercome and proceed fiurther..


Thanks and regards,



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