remove particular device from QB_OPT_APPEND: per-word manner

Sergey Ivanov <icegood1980@...>

Hi there.

I'm working with arm64 target and i want to take control on usb buses on it.
What i'm trying to do is tro remove both bus and hid devices on it via
QB_OPT_APPEND_remove = " -show-cursor -device qemu-xhci -device usb-tablet -device usb-kbd "

Of course, it doesn't work properly since it removes ALL occurrences of each word above. In particular, i had "-device VGA,edid=on" that i wanted to stay.
Instead, i obtained "VGA,edid=on" that lead to boot error. OK, it is clear. I also tried smth. like

QB_OPT_APPEND_remove = " -show-cursor '-device qemu-xhci' '-device usb-tablet' '-device usb-kbd -device' "

however nothing was removed here. Can i workaround given issue under Zeus?
Kind regards,
Sergey Ivanov

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