Re: How to select Linux kernel version?


Thanks kapllaj,

It also may be overridden by some conf file. For example, if you are using a
i.MX cpus, you may have some conf file on meta-freescale that override this
variable with something like: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_imx = "some
It has linux-imx and ${IMX_DEFAULT_KERNEL}, but I could not find what
is defined for ${IMX_DEFAULT_KERNEL}

I defined IMX_DEFAULT_KERNEL = "5.10.%" in local.conf, still download 4.19,

I had a situation like this on a imx6 xpu, and had to specify the "_imx"
override in order to make it work.

"bitbake - e virtual/kernel | grep PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel" is
your friend.
It will show you the current variable selected, and also the different
overrides available.
Yes, I've done many times, there is no decisive definition for it, a
little bit weird.

Did not know it is that hard to just define a kernel version in Yocto ??

Thank you.

Kind regards,

- j

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