How do I build an x32 Intel system?

Paul D. DeRocco

I've been resurrecting an old Pyro project under Gatesgarth. It's an Intel
32-bit system that needs maximum speed, so I decided to try to build the
system and application as 64-bit, for more registers. It pretty much worked
on the first try, and is about 8% faster. Now I'm trying to do it as x32, to
see if that speeds it up even more.

Unable to find any specific instructions, I set the DEFAULTTUNE to
"core2-64-x32" in my BSP conf file. Also, in the old project I had tinkered
around with this a bit, and had found some kernel config settings somewhere,
so I tried using them again:


Other than the first one, I don't know whether these are correct, or where I
originally got them, or if there's a stock .cfg file that does all this.

The system built fine, the SDK built fine, and my application built fine,
but when I boot, I get a kernel panic, preceded by some message about "kmod
busy with 50 threads for more than 5 seconds now".

Is there some instruction on how to do a proper x32 build? I couldn't find
one Googling. Barring that, do any of those kernel configs look bogus?


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco

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