Re: Error during do_install for linux-libc-headers_5.8 recipe during 'bitbake core-image-minimal'

Matthias Rampke


I hit the same issue, also while trying things out on WSL2 (not committed enough to build a dedicated workstation/VM). I found a few more things:

This seems to be a pseudo abort with:
path mismatch [2 links]: ino 409763 db '/run/shm/' req '/run/shm/tGpqeT'.
I tried to follow the instructions to collect as many logs as possible. Logs are attached as far as I could find them; the strace is too big and you can find it here.

This is a regression: poky-3.1 (which uses linux-libc-headers 5.4) works. It seems we are not the only ones with this issue, and others have already given up on Yocto-on-WSL2.

Hope this is useful,

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