is there a focused place to ask about ruby/gems WRT yocto building?

Robert P. J. Day

to prepare for trying to build a number of ruby gems for WR LTS19
(effectively zeus, as always), i thought i'd start simple and begin
with building for qemux86-64 with gatesgarth so i could plausibly
claim that i have a working basis for comparison, whereupon if that
worked for what i was after, i could work backwards.

i just now started a build for qemux86-64/gatesgarth with "bitbake
ruby", and i'll take it from there. knowing little about ruby, is
there a smaller community that would help with issues i run into, or
should i keep the discussion here?

i want to start by trying to build absolutely stock puppet and chef,
and if that turns out to need fixing, i will of course submit patches.
if anyone has already gone through this exercise, that would be just

i should have the result of the first build in an hour or two --
given that i'm not trying to do anything out of the ordinary, i would
*hope* that a totally generic build would work out of the box, but
we'll see.


p.s. the above recipes involve the layers meta-cloud-services and
sub-layer meta-openstack.

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