Can a single recipe .bb file be used to generate both Python2 and Python3 packages?

Robert P. J. Day

Strange request earlier this week -- I was asked how *one* Python
recipe file could be used to generate both Python2 and Python3
packages to be installed in the final image.

I had never heard of such a thing, but the colleague asking this
was convinced she had seen this before somewhere (but couldn't
remember where).

My immediate response was that the standard approach was to define
two recipe files -- say, and --
where the entire difference was "inherit setuptools" in the former
and "inherit setuptools3" in the latter.

I mentioned that it used to be common to have just that, and for
both recipes to then include all the common content in the file
"" (I do see how a couple folks are cleaning all
that up since, if there is now only the Python3 version being
supported, it's pointless to still have a ".inc" file).

I asked if that is what she was thinking of, but she was adamant
that she remembers a single recipe .bb file that could do this.
Is there such a thing? I suspect one could hack something up,
but is such an approach considered standard? Or even doable?


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