How to add pacemaker and corosync with yocto for aspberrypi with all it's dependencies #dunfell #raspberrypi #yocto


Hello Team,

I need to use High availability cluster in my project. I'm generating OS for Rpi using Ycot. I'm using dunfell poky version 3.1.3.

I'm adding ntp tzdata pacemaker haveged and crmsh command in my local.conf file, where crmsh command is giving error while doing bitbake saying unable to python-setuptools-native, doing web I got I can remove this dependency.

After that crmsh got installed properly and yocto build got completed. But when I'm flashing Image then while using crm status command crmsh is giving error in start, like this -
Fatal error:
    No module named 'doctest'

Failed to start crmsh! This is likely due to a broken
installation or a missing dependency.

If you are using a packaged version of crmsh, please try
reinstalling the package. Also check your PYTHONPATH and
make sure that the crmsh module is reachable.

Please file an issue describing your installation at .

And corosync is also failing to start.

Please assist me add these commands properly with yocto for raspberrypi.


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