Re: [meta-tensorflow] maintained?

Randy MacLeod

Add Hongxu.

On 2020-12-14 3:03 p.m., Philip Balister wrote:
On 12/14/20 7:56 AM, Marek Belisko wrote:

I'm l;booking for a tensorflow recipe and forum that meta-tensorflow
have support for it (also saw that gatesgarth branch is there) but I
cannot build tensorflow + tensorflow seems to be a bit outdated.

Yes, it is a bit dated.
tf-2.x is out and I think that Hongxu has an uprev
underway but I'm not sure when he'll get to finishing it off.


Anybody know if this layer is maintained? Thanks.
Searching the layer index for tensorflow shows:

So the recipe exists in several layers. Looks like it is time to try and
get everyone to work on together on one layer. I ahve a recipe that
mostly works to build the c library part of torch that needs a home.


Nice, I think a new layer called something like: meta-ai

would be good to have.




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