[meta-raspberrypi] error with sc16is752-spi0 overlay

Romain Crausaz <romain.crausaz@...>

Dear all,

When I try to add the overlay for the sc16is752-spi0 to my image, it fails at the task do_image_wic with the following error:

| ERROR: Malformed boot file entry: sc16is752-spi0.dtbo;

I am using the kernel provided by meta-raspberrypi and add the following to my board configuration:

    overlays/uart0.dtbo \
    overlays/sc16is752-spi0.dtbo \
    overlays/sdio.dtbo \
    overlays/i2c-rtc.dtbo \
​I was not able to find anything on this error. 

Thank you.

Best regards

Romain Crausaz


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