Python packaging without (PEP-517)

Tim Orling

Thanks to Konrad Weihmann, we have some communication occurring with the Python pypa folks about an important change in Python packaging [1][2]. This change is defined in PEP 517 [3][4]. Essentially, files will go away and wheels will be preferred over eggs. To make this more straight forward for distros, the pypa folks have created pypa/build [5][6]. Currently, there is no installer for wheels other than pip, but this is under active development [7].

I have begun a WIP branch to support this new packaging mechanism [8]. Folks in our OE/YP Python community have actually been wishing for a way to install wheels for a while now... no promises on that working (installing random wheels off the internet is not a design goal), but we will at least be able to build wheels.


--TIm "moto-timo" Orling

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