Using OVERRIDES to set variables from outside the recipe file

Andrew Loader

In the bitbake user manual it has an example of how to set the variable value using the OVERRIDE variable


OVERRIDES = "architecture:os:machine"

TEST = "default"

TEST_os = "osspecific"

TEST_nooverride = "othercondvalue"


Lets say this is in the recipe called “” and we remove the OVERRIDES line from it


If we want to the OVERRIDES value to configure the recipe externally say in local.conf as I do not want to change the recipe how would I do that?


Setting the OVERRIDES inside the same recipe seems limited it seems to give me just an easy way of having all the options and selecting one. I could use an append file to set it but I am sure it can be used in a better way.

I see in the Conditional Metadata section of the user manual there is another example using KBANCH with different architures being set but it does not explain how or were the OVERRIDES value is set.  Can some one explain how this works?


I have tried adding OVERRIDES_pn-test = “os” in the local.conf file but this results in a mess  or errors





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