Re: qt5 directory not creating using qt5.15.0 master branch

Martin Jansa

See QT_DIR_NAME variable in meta-qt5 and b716195f609de6547cfdfadfd4fd25292a6bbf09 commit which changed the default value.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 5:03 AM sateesh m <sateesh0457@...> wrote:
Hi Guys,

              I am trying to build qt support image to  my yocto .I am using meta-qt5 master sources,after build its not creating qt5 directory path in the /usr/lib path as well as /usr/share/path but . but when i build x86 its created 
x86 i got :
    $ /usr/share/qt5$ ls
    $usr/lib/qt5/bin$ ls

can you please help me if anyone knows this issue.

thanks in advance.


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