Use of USERADD_PACKAGES with out recipe package files

Andrew Loader

I have for an image append which I would like to add some users to but I do not want to add any files as part of the package
so I  have a layer which contains a recipe called which has a useradd package USERADD_PACKAGES = " ${PN}-user-sys "  . then I have a USERADD_PARAM_${PN}-user-sys = " .."
which adds some users not shown and I also have an add group param as well not shown
I declare the package as  PACKAGES += "${PN}-user-sys" but do not set the package files because i do not want any 
and in my image bbappend file I install the package  IMAGE_INSTALL_append += "user-config-user-sys" 
The recipe builds but does not create a package and the do-rootfs cannot find the package  and fails with

No match for argument: user-config-user-sys
Error: Unable to find a match

well that seems to be the meaningful part I guess

How do i get yocto to generate a package which only contains user group creation part which can then be installed in my image
I have added uses and groups before with files with out a problem, also this is greatly simplified but still shows the core problem 

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