Re: Parsing recipes: 0% | - hangs for a while

Khem Raj

On 11/25/20 3:13 AM, Sergey Ivanov wrote:
Since today i encountered issue in the topic.
I had this issue before when i forgot to turn on vpn (somehow parsing depends on it). But today is everything is OK and i wonder what went wrong. More precisely, i'm interested in two points:
1) at which stage parsing of receipts is interested in remote resources?
2) how to disable remote resource usage during parsing in some sophisticated way?
perhaps you can try setting BB_NO_NETWORK = "1" in your local.conf and perhaps disabling local mirrors would be needed too if you have then enabled

P.S. after waiting for a while bitbake continues but it is annoying anyway.
Kind regards,
Sergey Ivanov

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