Re: Packagegroup Understanding

Nicolas Dechesne

On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 11:51 AM Charlie Davies
<charles.davies@...> wrote:

Hi All,

I am seeing some behaviour when creating my own packagegroups which I do not quite understand.

Using the example from the mega-manual:

DESCRIPTION = "My Custom Package Groups"

inherit packagegroup

packagegroup-custom-apps \
packagegroup-custom-tools \

RDEPENDS_packagegroup-custom-apps = "\
dropbear \
portmap \

RDEPENDS_packagegroup-custom-tools = "\
oprofile \
oprofileui-server \
lttng-control \

If I then include packagegroup-custom-apps in my image I am also seeing the packages in packagegroup-custom-tools being built (but not included in the image) while building my image.

Is this behaviour correct? I would not expect the packages in packagegroup-custom-tools to be built if the packagegroup-custom-tools is not included in the image.
This is correct. When at least one (binary) package is needed from a
recipe, then the recipe is built, and all the resulting packages are
So when you include packagegroup-custom-apps in your image, you
request the whole packagegroup recipe to be built, which in turn will
build all binary packages (hence all packagegroups and their

Many Thanks,


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