Re: U-Boot sama5d3 xplained issue

Khem Raj

perhaps asking it on via
github issues might be helpful too.

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 4:26 AM David Novak <david.novak@...> wrote:

I'm working on this project with Pratham. Let me provide a few more details.

We've defined

UBOOT_MACHINE ?= "sama5d3_xplained_nandflash_config"



we change CONFIG_BOOTDELAY, but it has no effect on the newly built image. The boot delay remains the same as it was before we changed it.

Based on the UBOOT_MACHINE, can we be certain we are changing the correct file?

How do we get the build process to include our changes?


On 11/19/2020 5:37 PM, Prathamesh Ovalekar wrote:

Hello everyone,

System: sama5d3_xplained board

I have a question regarding the configuration and build of u-boot.
We have a build that was implemented earlier. I am trying to make some changes to it.

Change 1: Change the auto boot delay to 1 second.
Change 2: Add an auto boot command to set a gpio.

I am aware of the environment variables: CONFIG_BOOTDELAY and CONFIG_BOOTCOMMAND (needed for the changes above.)
I tried modifying the " configs/sama5d3_xplained_nandflash_defconfig "

Question 1: Do I need to create an *.config file using the make menuconfig?

Question 2: How do I create the u-boot.bin . Does this depend on the Linux build?
I know that there is an environment variable: CONFIG_BOOTARGS that needs to be populated.

Pratham Ovalekar

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