Re: qtwayland compile issue 5.15 #dunfell

Khem Raj

On 11/17/20 9:40 PM, Khem Raj via wrote:
Find QSizeF
newSize(qMax(width, 1.0), qMax(height, 1.0));
in src/compositor/extensions/qwaylandxdgshellv5.cpp
and change it to
newSize(qMax((double)width, 1.0), qMax((double)height, 1.0));
and see if it helps.
btw. qtwaywand worked fine with gcc and clang on latest master for rv64
so please describe any local changes you are carrying

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 6:59 PM sateesh m <sateesh0457@...> wrote:

Hi Guys,

I am getting qtwayland building issue using dunfell version. can anybody help me to solve this issue.


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