is there a way to centralize numerous BBCLASSEXTEND settings?

Robert P. J. Day

related to something i asked a while back, i have a layer in front
of me wherein dozens and dozens of .bbappend files exist for no other
purpose than to contain the single line:

BBCLASSEXTEND += "nativesdk"

AFAIK, there is no way to centralize all of that, which would be
delightful. it's daunting to look at such a layer for the first time,
be intimidated by the number of bbappends, only to realize that 80% of
them have a single purpose. personally, i'm tempted to create a new
directory structure, recipes-nativesdk/whatever/, and populate it with
just those bbappend files, just to clean out the other directories.

is there a way to do something like this cleanly? or would it be
considered poor design?


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