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Monsees, Steven C (US)

All things being equal, would you know why I might see

"NFS: bad mount option value specified: minorversion=1"

when running app under "zeus" but not under "rocko" ?

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On 11/12/20 4:03 AM, Monsees, Steven C (US) via
This is probably a simple question, but since I am new to yocto there
is a lot to learn...

How do I establish kernel access permissions for the "zeus" kernel so
that when my application is up and running, (or an application startup
script), can create read/write files for access/updating in the "/etc"
and "/dev" directories ?

In the few cases I do this I am seeing unable to open errors...

Note the same code appears to work correctly under "rocko"...
you have to provide more context to help you more, but usually /dev is populated with devtmpfs during kernel boot. and similarly /etc is mounted early on. So access permissions could be mounting issues perhaps.



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