Re: Error when building eSDK for a `docker load`able tarball

Robert Berger


And as far as I understand you tried to build some extensible SDK against an x86-64 container.

Please note, that my SDK most likely contains a bit more than the "standard" stuff[0], but this should not make much of a difference here.


I take a container-x86-64:

bitbake app-container-image-mosquitto-oci [1]


bitbake app-container-image-mosquitto-oci -c populate_sdk [2]


bitbake app-container-image-mosquitto-oci -c populate_sdk_ext

breaks in a similar way[3]


So it looks like it's extensible SDK specific.

Can you please try with the "standard" sdk instead of the extensible sdk to see if this works for you?

You might want to play with IMAGE_CONTAINER_NO_DUMMY = "1" which is defined in poky/meta/classes/image-container.bbclass and try to build a container with a kernel as a workaround in case you build an eSDK.



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