Re: : When compiling code, how to make a package not hash checked?

Quentin Schulz

Hi Byron,

On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 09:09:05PM +0800, ouyangxuan10@... wrote:
Dear all,

I would like to ask the reasons for the following problems and how to solve them? When compiling a program, how to make a package not hash checked?
Did you execute the commands that were suggested in the log you sent?

Can you send us the content of the log of the second command please?

Basically, two possible ways this happens:
1. you modified the recipe while bitbake was running. Solution => don't
do that.
2. bitbake parses tasks multiple times during a run, therefore, if a
variable changes between parses your task will have a different hash.
This usually happens with DATETIME. If you don't absolutely need this
variable, remove it or find a replacement. If you have to, I think the
vardepsexclude variable flag is the way to do it?


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