Syntax of multiconfig

Manuel Wagesreither

Hello all,

I'm trying the become acquainted with the multiconfig feature. I read the relevant chapters in the BitBake User Manual, but some questions I have suggest I did not yet get the whole picture.

In [1] the following examples are given:

`$ bitbake mc::target mc:target1:target mc:target2:target`

What does the `mc::target` stand for? If I omit the multiconfigname, is the target getting built for all configured multibuildnames?


In [2], the following example is given:

`task_or_package[mcdepends] = "mc:from_multiconfig:to_multiconfig:recipe_name:task_on_which_to_depend"`
`image_task[mcdepends] = "mc:target1:target2:image2:rootfs_task"`

I do not understand why the `from_multiconfig` needs to be given at all. Isn't this redundant information? Per my understanding, when I'm having bitbake bake an image `my-image`, and this image includes a recipe which has such a multiconfig dependency, `from_multiconfig` must be `my-image` as well. So why the need for `from_multiconfig` at all?

I think it wouldn't just add any value, but would actively prevent this recipe/package to be included in images getting built in other configurations.

So I probably my understanding here is wrong.


The links above are using `target_1` and `target_2` for as configuration names. I think this is misleading, as target already refers to the recipe/package or image bitbake is building. How can I contribute to the BitBake documentation?

I checked [3] but couldn't see anything referencing the documentation.


Best regards

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