What part of do_package automatically scoops up source files?

Sean McKay

Hi all,


I’m hoping that someone can just answer this off the top of their head – don’t bother if you have to dig much.

We’ve got a C recipe (built with cmake, if that’s relevant) that seems to be otherwise identical to our other C recipes, but for some reason it’s not picking up the source code during the do_package step automagically like our other recipes do.

Anyone happen to know offhand where in the do_package code that gets scooped up so I can focus my attention there and on the variables used therein? (my run.do_package files for those tasks are about 3k lines of python code. And a quick glance through seemed to yield obvious answers that don’t seem to match what’s coming out in log.do_package)


We’re on Zeus at the moment.



-Sean McKay


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