Re: Reproducible builds and RPM packages

Randy MacLeod

On 2020-11-03 6:16 a.m., Anders Montonen wrote:

When going from Zeus to Dunfell, I noticed that all files on the rootfs had timestamps long in the past, which I assume is from reproducible builds now being on by default. While that is a good thing, running “rpm -V” on any installed package now reports that the mtime differs. Is this the intentional behavior?

Hi Anders,

I haven't played with that for a while but I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, it's intentional.

You can read about reproducible builds here:
and compare to the source if needed:

I don't see it in the documentation yet:

but I didn't do more than skim those search results.

If you also can't find it in the docs, would you be able to make a first draft of that and contribute to the project?

If so please read and ask for guidance on: docs@...



Anders Montonen

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