how to use meta-cpan layer in a reproducible way?

Robert P. J. Day

colleague wants to add some perl recipes to a zeus-based image, and
found the meta-cpan layer, which contains a number of desired recipes,
but the structure of that layer seems a bit sparse.

first, here's the entire set of branches:

$ git branch -a
* master
remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master

where you can see that the branches jump from thud to master with
nothing in between, so there is no "zeus" branch to focus on. also,
there are absolutely no tags.

finally, it seems that the recipes simply upgrade versions
arbitrarily, all on the master branch, so if you grabbed the "master"
version of any recipe, there's no telling when it might change, which
makes reproducibility a bit iffy.

what is the proper way to take advantage of a layer like this? you
can't even use PREFERRED_VERSION for a given recipe since you can
never predict when that version will suddenly disappear from the
master branch.

i imagine the best approach is to simply clone the layer, check it
out to a specific commit ID that works for all desired recipes, and
just leave it there. or just individually copy each version of each
recipe one wants into a local layer (yuck).



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