Re: Install Yocto image and backup


Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your clarification.

If your kernel and rootfs partition is just one UBIFS in a bigger UBI volume,
then no. Single bad blocks affecting the UBIFS partitions would be handled
by the underlying UBI. You should however consider using ubihealthd or
something similar to become aware of badblocks over time and handle them before it's
too late and you can not boot from the rootfs anymore, especially if it is read only and not
touched for writing in normal operation.
Yes, I use one UBIFS for 4 partitions, RO rootfs, RO kernel, RO DTB
and RW application, no write for RO partitions, that should be safe, I
feel relieved.

your device is somehow connected to a network. So what I suggested was having
two rootfs partitions. One is active and the device boots from it (A), and the
other one acts as inactive (B). When you update, write the new rootfs to the
inactive partition and then just switch over and boot B instead. You might add
a third partition for recovery or factory reset. Only the active partition
would be used in the running system and can still be readonly there.
The reason we don't update kernel and rootfs because the size of
kernel and rootfs is too large, it is hard to download 60MB image OTA
via 4G CAT M1. If we are going to change to use 4G CAT1 or higher
speed, I'll use either RAUC or SWUpdate, which one is the most popular
for embedded system using uboot and UBFIS?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

- jupiter

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