Re: Install Yocto image and backup


Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your advice.

In my opinion two things are common practice:

1) Using a layer on top of raw NAND, like UBI/UBIFS nowadays, so bad blocks
can be handled properly in a layer below your rootfs.
Yes, the UBI/UBIFS is used in NAND partitions, I guess you alluded
there is no need use the backup, right?

2) Using an A/B scheme for updating and using a well tested framework for
that (instead of self written shell scripts). You don't need another NAND chip
for that, just multiple partitions. You can still have your kernel/rootfs read-only at runtime.
If I do need to use a backup, it won't need another NAND chip, it will
be another UBI/UBIFS partition. But I would like as simple as possible
if no backup is a common practice.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

- jupiter

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