some observations about yocto wiki page, "from git checkout to meta-intel BSP"

Robert P. J. Day

yes, i know it's an editable wiki but i'd rather someone else make
the changes just in case i'm misreading something. it's early, and
there's only decaf in the place. this is bad.

anyway, using this page as grist for discussion:

"To build and run a meta-intel BSP, you need to check out a local copy
of the poky repo ..."

i think that sentence demonstrates the yocto vs poky confusion koen
was talking about -- a regular waffling between "yocto" sources and
"poky" repos.

below that, there are references to
git:// -- should those references be updated
to refer to the repos?

there's a reference to "poky-qemu qemux86" -- change to "runqemu
qemux86"? or is that the correct name in the last released version?
(i rarely look at released versions.)

and i'm pretty sure that there's a missing reference to the
meta-yocto layer here:

/usr/local/src/Yocto/meta \
/usr/local/src/Yocto/meta-intel/meta-fishriver \

unless that's also correct for the last released version.

further down,

$ bitbake poky-image-sato-live

there's no such bitbake target these days.

anyway, that was about 60 seconds worth of perusing. if some
meta-intel person wants to mess with that page, it's all yours.



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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