How to use WORKDIR of recipe A in recipe B ?

Bel Hadj Salem Talel <bhstalel@...>

Hi All,

I have a recipe that fetches the source from Github and compiles it correctly.

In the WORKDIR , there is a samples directory with many examples, and each example has a Makefile, here is an example :

include $(POCO_BASE)/build/rules/global
include $(POCO_BASE)/OSP/BundleCreator/BundleCreator.make
objects = BundleActivator
target          = io.macchina.samples.sensor1
target_includes = $(PROJECT_BASE)/devices/Devices/include
target_libs     = IoTDevices PocoOSP PocoUtil PocoJSON PocoXML PocoFoundation
postbuild = $(SET_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) $(BUNDLE_TOOL) -n$(OSNAME) -a$(OSARCH) -o../bundles HelloSensor1.bndlspec
include $(POCO_BASE)/build/rules/dylib

There is a global variable that are used when building macchina, like (POCO_BASE, BUNDLE_TOOL, ...)

Now, I don't want to make a patch for my custom sample, because that will force macchina to recompile again and that will take more than 45minutes.
I need to use the macchina WORKDIR

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