Re: network-manager #yocto #nmcli

Quentin Schulz


On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 01:48:37AM -0700, Zoltan Kerenyi Nagy wrote:
Hi All,

My board is a Barix Ipam400, and I'd like to add 4G conenction to it via a USB and 4G Dongle. The dongle is a Huewei E3372 stick.
I'd spent some time with wvdial and usbmodeswitch with no success. Then I tried the stick in my laptop with network-manager, it was working like a charm
Then I've found this ( ) source, since the original recipe file would not compile.

Ive bitbaked network.manager loaded to the hardware however there is no nmcli and nmtoi included.
You need to bitbake networkmanager but install networkmanager-nmcli
and/or networkmanager-nmtui, c.f.

I'd probably triple check all the PACKAGECONFIG you need are set:

Since you want 4G, it might be a good idea to have modemmanager enabled?
I've never used networmanager so can't help much more than that.


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