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On Thu, 17 Sep 2020 at 09:43, Paul Barker <pbarker@...> wrote:

Hi folks,

After a bit of a break I'm looking again at the meta-kernel layer and I've got some changes planned. I'd like to get some feedback on these from anyone who has looked at or used the meta-kernel layer.

1) Change the name to meta-vanilla-kernel. This reflects the focus on providing a fast moving layer for vanilla kernel recipes, covering only what is available on Other common kernel recipes (e.g. Linaro or Android common kernels) will no longer be considered for acceptance into this layer. This clear focus should hopefully reduce some of the confusion about the goals of this layer.

2) The dunfell branch will no longer get new non-LTS kernel recipes. Providing non-LTS recipes on a stable branch has led to people depending on kernels which are now out of their support period - I'd like to drop the recipes for the 5.3.y and 5.6.y kernels but users are depending on them so I'll have to keep them. To avoid this proliferating, only LTS kernels and the bleeding edge mainline recipe will be updated on the stable branch from now on.

3) Aggressively drop end-of-life kernels on the master branch.

4) Drop all non-LTS kernel recipes in the gatesgarth branch when it is created.
I saw that meta-kernel was used in the M3 build so I'm not going to
drop recipes or rename the layer right now. I'll implement these
changes after the Yocto 3.2 release.

Paul Barker
Konsulko Group

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