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Randy MacLeod

On 2020-10-08 4:13 p.m., wrote:
I would like to work on #10699 -- Ensure consistency in repository URLs bug. Kindly help me to move forward by providing more information on this issue(like where I can find more URL's mentioned in the request)

Hi Akhila,

This bug is about the data in the recipes in oe-core and all layers.

There is a layer tracking system called 'the layer index':
where you can search by various keys such as recipe name, layer name, etc.

If you go to the bottom of that page, you can find:
and that page has a link to the source code:

git clone git://

I don't work on this code so if you have questions, hopefully Paul (bluelightning) or someone else will help out. My take is that:

"we'll probably need to have a table (possibly in the database)
that we can populate with mappings for known URLs."
so you'll need to find where the SRC_URI such as line 8 here:

is stored in the layerindex code and add each SRC_URI to a table or
some other data structure.

Then, when a new layer is added the layerindex would use this table
to ensure that there are no duplicates that differ only by
the transport, i.e. "https://" vs "git://", as mentioned in the bug:
"The mapping would be done when the entry is submitted."

Also, there are no fixed rules here in Yocto land but you are free to
ask about things either on the list to a wide audience or in the
Bugzilla comments (once you have an account!).

and kindly assign it to me.
If you create an account in the bugzilla:
you should be able to assign the defect to yourself.
Let us know if that doesn't work.

Thanks for looking into this bug.


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# Wind River Linux

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