Re: File collision: same path from 2 recipes

Robert P. J. Day

Quoting Laurent Gauthier <>:

Hi Mauro,

From my experience there should be an error reported during the image
creation as long as the two *packages* that contain a file with the same
name are BOTH installed in the root filesystem.

If you don't receive an error I would suspect that for some reason the file
is really only installed by one of the two packages.

Another source of your issue is that there can be more than one package
created by one recipe, and maybe you are not installing the package which
contains the contentious file.

Kind Regards, Laurent.

On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 2:08 PM Mauro Ziliani <> wrote:

Hi all.

There is a QA to test if 2 recipes try to install a file with the same

In my BSP 2 recipes try install the file

I'd like receive an error from bitbale
I was just about to weigh in on this as I was just educated by
Richard Purdie as to the (im)proper use of SSTATE_DUPWHITELIST.
If two packages were truly trying to install the same file, I would
have assumed that you would have received an error to that effect,
so the fact that you aren't suggests one of:

* they're not really trying to install the same file
* you're installing only one of the packages
* perhaps there is a do_install_append() that is manually
removing the conflicting file from one of the recipes

My opinion, FWIW.


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