Re: bitbake recipe / Network UPS tool


On 9/23/20 12:48 PM, Maciej Pijanowski wrote:

On 07.09.2020 11:58, Yocto wrote:

On 9/7/20 1:23 PM, Maciej Pijanowski wrote:


I happen to have this recipe lying around. I have not upstreamed it for some
reason (probably lack of time and I have not been using this package at the end,
so it is not properly tested out). I gave it a try today and at least it builds.

Please try it out:

If it works for you, please let me know. I would be happy to push the patches upstream.

wow... much appreciated, probably just saved me a few headaches and a ton of time.

Ill get it onboard and configured and let you know how i make out!

I was actually surprised to not find it already in the tree....
Have you got a chance to test something?

itsĀ  in the build we are assembling the system the past 2 days actually with the ups / power supply and case for prototype... testing will come in days when i have a functional device built i can flash it and test it all out


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