Re: #yocto systemd not able to start sshd after a reboot #yocto

Khem Raj

On 9/21/20 5:17 AM, srijan.nandi@... wrote:
/Seems that some leftovers from System V still reside in YOCTO...
Yocto project supports sysvinit as init system option as well so no there are no leftovers.

Not sure about that.
The problem I faced was because there was a sshd.socket that had the following line in it. The sshd.socket comes with openssh.
So I had two options. either to add the ExecStartPre in the sshd.service file or to remove the Conflicts line in sshd.socket.
I choose to remove the Conflicts line and add the following in the sshd.socket file.
Usually you use socket activation for sshd then you would enable sshd.socket and not sshd.service, socket will be listening on incoming connections on ssh port ( 22 by defaault ) and launch sshd.service whenever there is incoming ssh connection request. I suggest you should perhaps follow this approach as well, its also efficient due to its on-demand launch nature.

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-=Srijan Nandi

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