Re: #yocto systemd not able to start sshd after a reboot #yocto


Seems strange to me too...I had been troubleshooting the sshd.service issue for two days. There was no logs, nothing. I was just hitting the wall. I tried a lot of combinations to get it to work but all failed.

The sshd.service was starting, if I manually did a systemctl start sshd.service. But always failed at startup. At times it would start and then get a signal 15 terminating and would close the daemon.

After not able to resolve the issue, I started checking all the other services. Every other service was starting at bootup just fine except sshd.

Not finding anything else to troubleshoot. I happened to stumble upon the sshd.socket and the Conflicts part of it. Did a hit and trial and it worked. Technically I still am not sure as to why..

-=Srijan Nandi

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