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Maciej Pijanowski

On 17.09.2020 13:25, Zoltan Kerenyi Nagy wrote:
now there is only one issue has left:

ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /home/kerenyiz/oe-core/build/../stuff/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-connectivity/wvdial/                                                                                       | ETA:  0:00:00
Traceback (most recent call last):
bb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable do_fetch[file-checksums], expression was ${@bb.fetch.get_checksum_file_list(d)}  ${@get_lic_checksum_file_list(d)} which triggered exception NoMethodError: Could not find a fetcher which supports the URL: 'files://typo_pon.wvdial.1.patch'

I'm sorry, but you I think you really do need a pair of glasses ;)
It's supposed to be file:// not file:// in the URL.

This is the bb recipe:

DESCRIPTION = "WvDial is a program that makes it easy to connect your Linux workstation to the Internet."

LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING.LIB;md5=55ca817ccb7d5b5b66355690e9abc605"

inherit pkgconfig

DEPENDS = "wvstreams"
RDEPENDS_${PN} = "ppp"

SRC_URI = "http://${BPN}${BP}.tar.bz2 \
           files://typo_pon.wvdial.1.patch \

SRC_URI[md5sum] = "d81642557d175d8e0818f4721c27dfcf"
SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "a2ce46c8c36870a0f2fa92ea64566df7251fb2d8d5aa2f6ef2b08d188287352e"

export WVLINK="${LD}"



do_configure() {
    sed -i 's/LDFLAGS+=-luniconf/LIBS+=-luniconf/' ${S}/Makefile

do_install() {
    oe_runmake prefix=${D}/usr PPPDIR=${D}/etc/ppp/peers install
EXCLUDE_FROM_WORLD_libc-musl = "1"

Ive  re-generated the md5 and sha256 hashes, and all the warnings have disapeared.

Here is the patch:
if I modify teh 3rd line to "Index: wvdial-1.61/files/pon.wvdial.1" - the error is the same

Remove warnings found by lintian
Last-Update: 2011-01-09
Index: wvdial-1.61/pon.wvdial.1
--- wvdial-1.61.orig/pon.wvdial.1	2011-01-09 21:33:03.000000000 +0300
+++ wvdial-1.61/pon.wvdial.1	2011-01-09 21:33:15.000000000 +0300
@@ -8,13 +8,11 @@
 .B pon.wvdial
 .B poff.wvdial
 Replacement scripts for pon and poff.
 .BR wvdial (1),
 .BR pon (1),

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