Re: Compiling and packaging libraries

Mike Looijmans

The simplest solution is to use autotools or Cmake for your project. That will automatically "do the right thing" to get the library properly installed and registered.

Even if your project is just one C file and a header, putting that in autotools or cmake is less work than getting all the nitty bits in a hand-crafted Makefile right.

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On 06-09-2020 10:53, majid.nasiry65 via wrote:
I wrote a recipe for adding a library to my image it compile correctly but I have issues in installing it and I got "-dev package contains non-symlink .so" error.
I know default method for install libraries is versioned mode and I need to make symbolic links, but I don't know how?
Another question is what is difference between -dev and -dbg output?

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