Re: Multiconfig question

Robert Berger


Please see my comments in-line

On 07/09/2020 17:53, Eil?s N? Fhlannag?in wrote:
Assuming this:
bitbake multiconfig:ConfigA:core-image-foo multiconfig:ConfigB:core-image-bar
Is there a way during or before the rootfs of ConfigB:core-image-bar
to tell what else was run during execution?
What I'm trying to do is set an mcdepends in ConfigB:core-image-bar to
magically know everything else it was built with.
Does core-image-foo depend on core-image-bar or the other way around?

I have something like that:


which depends on


So the container image is being built and put into the rootfs of the imx6q image. (without saying this explicitly on the command line).

I use buildinfo for the container rootfs and the native rootfs so I know which layers and which settings were used to build them and I can even check this in runtime.



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