Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for September 1, 2020

Trevor Woerner

Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for September 1, 2020
archive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ly8nyhO14kDNnFcW2QskANXW3ZT7QwKC5wWVDg9dDH4/edit

== disclaimer ==
Best efforts are made to ensure the below is accurate and valid. However,
errors sometimes happen. If any errors or omissions are found, please feel
free to reply to this email with any corrections.

== attendees ==
Trevor Woerner, Stephen Jolly, Jan-Simon Möller, Alejandro H, Bruce
Ashfield, Armin Kuster, Richard Purdie, David Reyna, Steve Sakoman, Michael
Halstead, Ross Burton, Paul Barker, Mark Morton, Scott Murray, Jeremy
Puhlman, Joshua Watt, Jon Mason, Randy MacLeod

== notes ==
- entered m3 feature freeze
- working on a couple patches for 3.2
- bitbake server startup changed to avoid recently discovered issues will wait
for 3.3 to make default
- one more round of recipe upgrades before m3 build (later this week)
- -fno-common back to gcc10 default
- still some AB issues
- looking for help with unassigned bugs

== general ==
RP: list of 3.2 things:
Mark’s hash equivalency prserv fix
RP: where are we with bind?
Armin: haven’t gotten around to sending them
RP: please do so
RP: want to get more of the AUH upgrades in too.
RP: Alex has queued up the rest.
RP: high priority bitbake bug on startup that needs to go in
docs changes, we want to cut over to sphinx before m3

TrevorW: what’s the -fno-common issue?
RP: gcc changed defaults with gcc10, caused namespaces to overlap (and code
builds to fail), we temporarily switched away from the new default, waited
for upstream and created patches, now we can switch back to gcc10’s

Joshua: what still needs to be done with the docs?
RP: check Nico’s doc. right now: mostly marking up the code sections. please
coordinate on the mailing list

PaulB: will be giving a talk at the upcoming Linaro Connect on license
compliance with Yocto, Linaro Connect (virtual) is supposed to be free to
attend this year

RP: i’ve heard that YP was mentioned at last week’s Plumbers, does anyone
know when/where it could have been mentioned?
(various): not sure
Scott: I don’t see Khem here, maybe he was talking about it?
TrevorW: Alistair Francis is a contributor to YP and RISC-V, it could have
been brought up in relation to that. the RISC-V YP BSP carries a lot of

Randy: Saul Wold is joining WR today!
RP: glad to hear he’s returning to YP

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