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Khem Raj

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Hey community,

I'm trying to use this library [can-isotp][1] on a Jetson TX2 Board. The version of the running OS is: 0.0.8 (dunfell).

From the docs of the library I get the following instructions:



1. Download repository and enter the repositories root directory

git clone

cd can-isotp

2. Build ISO-TP kernel module

Ensure build dependencies are installed. E.g. for Debian (or Ubuntu):

sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)

To build:

(you need to be in the repositories root path)


To install (optional):

sudo make modules_install

3. When the PF_CAN core module is loaded ('modprobe can') the ISO-TP module
can be loaded into the kernel with

insmod ./net/can/can-isotp.ko

When the can-isotp.ko module has been installed into the Linux Kernels
modules directory (e.g. with 'make modules_install') the module should
load automatically when opening a CAN_ISOTP socket.


I have some questions about that procedure. Can anybody give me an hint on how to install this module? Do I have to create a completly new yocto image or is there any way to install kernel modules afterwards? I tried to copy the folder onto the TX2 and install it by hand, but (as to be expected) the make command is not found.
PLease take a look at :
where it is described how to compile out of tree modules.
in this case you might be lucky we already have recipe
its blacklisted because it needs work to fix build on 5.2+ kernel

I would really appreciate any help ! Best regards,


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