How to integrate kernel-module in yocto-dunfell? #yocto #dunfell #apt #tx2 #kernel


Hey community, 

I'm trying to use this library [can-isotp][1] on a Jetson TX2 Board. The version of the running OS is: 0.0.8 (dunfell). 
From the docs of the library I get the following instructions:

1. Download repository and enter the repositories root directory

      git clone

      cd can-isotp

2. Build ISO-TP kernel module

   Ensure build dependencies are installed. E.g. for Debian (or Ubuntu):

      sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)

   To build:

      (you need to be in the repositories root path)


   To install (optional):

      sudo make modules_install

3. When the PF_CAN core module is loaded ('modprobe can') the ISO-TP module
   can be loaded into the kernel with

       insmod ./net/can/can-isotp.ko

   When the can-isotp.ko module has been installed into the Linux Kernels
   modules directory (e.g. with 'make modules_install') the module should
   load automatically when opening a CAN_ISOTP socket.

I have some questions about that procedure. Can anybody give me an hint on how to install this module? Do I have to create a completly new yocto image or is there any way to install kernel modules afterwards? I tried to copy the folder onto the TX2 and install it by hand, but (as to be expected) the make command is not found. 

I would really appreciate any help ! Best regards, 

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